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Creating the future of education

Solving the gap between employer requirements and graduate skills

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Capture What Industry Needs

We start by engaging with a specific industry, on behalf of any higher education institution that produces graduates for that industry.  To understand what skills they need, we run industry workshops and we add large industry data points to build up a wiki-style document of industry skills requirements. We do this through an industry-governed Non-Profit Organisation and we make the outcome available as a free open education resource.


Help Higher Education Institutions Align

We offer specialised services to help higher education institutions align with industry requirements. These services include (1) education consulting on industry alignment and graduate employability, (2) curriculum reviews and gap analysis, and (3) instructional design and curriculum development. 


Reward and Recognise HEI's for Aligning

Those Higher Education Institutions that align with these industry requirements can opt to submit their curricula for our "Industry-Aligned Curriculum" certification. This prestigious certification requires an annual update and assures students, parents, and employers that the specific curriculum is designed and delivered based on industry requirements.  This results in increased enrolment and higher industry absorption numbers.


Promote Aligned Curricula

All programs and institutions that earn the industry certification are promoted to our industry contribution partners as preferred graduate sources. We take care to connect industry partners with these institutions and encourage them to source graduates from these institutions, Qualifying institutions are featured on our industry-aligned curricula database and our social media channels.


Everything we do is focused on preparing students better for the world of work.

At Studium Alliance, we have assembled the best team of specialists, collaborators, and alliance partners. Some of the specialised services we offer are featured below...

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Educational Consulting

We work with Higher Education Institutions to align their academic offerings to industry needs and achieve higher industry absorption rates. 

  • Run industry engagement workshops using our proprietary engagement process, extracting the required level of detail and documenting it in an optimised format for instructional design.

  • Craft graduate employability strategies and align that with institutional branding.

  • Source and analyse big data sets to assist in strategic decision making. 

Instructional Design

We bring deep instructional design expertise from multiple contexts. Our learning experience design services include:

  • Curriculum review and gap analysis

  • Full academic curriculum development

  • Elective and short course development

  • Crafting a variety of learning "instrumentaria", including case studies, assessments, digital experiences, learning games, simulations, videos etc.

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Industry Skills Strategies

We help big employers build strategic skills development and skills acquisition strategies. 

Our expertise includes:

  • Internal skills planning for meeting strategic objectives

  • Sourcing or building skills development programs

  • Building and connecting strategic skills supply chain with higher education institutions

  • Creating industry-wide skills development initiatives, including industry academies and skills development cooperations. 

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About Us

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Studium Alliance was founded by three learning and education veterans, all with a passion for ensuring a better future for all. 

Willem Maritz

Willem Maritz

CEO and Founder

Willem is an experienced learning and education entrepeneur, who previously founded innovative companies like Kalleo People Group, TalenTek, African eLearning Academy, NoMoreCourses and Habiiit

His passion is developing people and he is a regular speaker and thought leader on instructional design and the future of work.

Gabija Skucaite

Gabija Skučaitė

Education Specialist

Gabija is a prolific education entrepeneur, who founded and owns several educational institutions, including SMK College of Applied Sciences, Kazimiero Simonavičiaus University (KSU), Synergetica Education Group. 

She is passionate about education, wellness and "meaning". In fact, some call her the "Alchemist of Meaning". She also loves entrepeurship and supports several entrepreneurs to success.

Sheikh Mansoor Al Thani

Sheikh Mansoor Al Thani

Talent Evangelist

Sheikh Mansoor Al Thani is a member of the Qatar royal family and the Chairman of MBK Holdings. His business interests span across a variety of industries and geographies, but his core passion and focus is on the talent of the future. 

He is a credited thought leader on the topic of the talent economy and plays a significant role in shaping how industries and countries will source, develop and engage critical talent.

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