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Studium For Employers

Do you wish graduates were better prepared for your industry?

Would you like graduates to add value faster?


of U.S. employers report having a hard time finding skilled workers.

We are dedicated to helping higher education institutions understand your skills needs and align their curricula accordingly.

And we need your help in this process...

Our main value add is our industry engagement process. We take one industry at a time, get the top employers together, and work together to document clearly what skills they require, what tools and technologies they actually use, and what is changing in their context.

We do this through a Non-Profit Organisation, where they are the custodians of this process and its outcomes. The results are documented, kept up to date, and made available to any higher education institution as a FREE open education resource.

To learn more about our industry engagement workshops and how you can contribute, visit the Workshops page.

In addition, we can also help you with your internal strategic skills gaps:

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Industry Skills Academies

We do the strategic planning and design for creating focused skills academies. We also facilitate strategic partnerships with skills development institutions, or help you build your own academy, whether online or bricks-and-mortar.


Critical Skills Strategies

We work with you to identify the current and future skills that will be required to execute your strategy.

From skills identification, we bring the instructional expertise to create highly specialised skills development programs. 

Business Colleagues

Skills Supply Chain

We work with you to design a strategic skills supply chain, including facilitating strategic partnerships and skills acquisition plans. We can help with identifying potential talent, skills assessments and capacity development.

Let's work together. Get in touch

If you would like us to contact you for a consultation, simply leave your details in the contact form:

If you would like to participate and contribute in our industry engagement workshops, see more here:

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