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Engineering Class

Studium For Higher Education

Are you struggling to keep up to date with industry changes?

Are your industry engagement processes too slow and too costly?

You are not alone.


of Gen Z students believe their education

is only slightly or not at all

preparing them for their future careers.

Don't worry...

We are dedicated to helping higher education institutions understand what industries need and align your curricula accordingly.

Our main value add is our industry engagement process. We take one industry at a time and work together to document clearly what skills they require, what tools and technologies they actually use, and what is changing in their context.

We do this through a Non-Profit Organisation, where industry employers are the custodians of this process and its outcomes. The results are documented, kept up to date, and made available to any higher education institution as a FREE open education resource.

To find out more about our industry engagement workshops, how you can benefit, and how you can access the outcomes, visit the Workshops page.

In addition, we can also help you with the following specialised services:


Educational Consulting

We support you in aligning your  academic offerings to industry needs and achieve higher industry absorption rates. ​To do this:

  • We can craft graduate employability strategies and align them with your institutional branding.

  • We help you source and analyse big data sets to assist in strategic decision making.

Designer On Computer

Instructional Design

We help you craft the best learning experiences in the world:​

  • Curriculum review and gap analysis

  • Full academic curriculum development

  • Elective and short course development

  • Crafting a variety of learning "instrumentaria", including case studies, assessments, digital experiences, learning games, simulations, videos etc.

Thumbs Up

Curriculum Certification

When you assure your curricula are industry aligned, we work with our independent partners to tell the world about it. 

  • We evaluate and provide feedback

  • We issue an industry-endorsed certification

  • We work with you to keep it up to date

You can learn more about our curriculum certification here...

Let's work together. Get in touch

If you would like us to contact you for a consultation, simply leave your details in the contact form:

If you would like to learn about our Curriculum Certification, go here:

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