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Industry Engagement Workshops

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Studium Alliance is facilitating industry engagement workshops, on behalf of the global education sector, one industry at a time. We bring together leaders and specialists from various industries to help Higher Education Institutions better prepare students for the world of work.


Build and maintain a living body of knowledge that higher education institutions can use to adapt their curricula on an ongoing basis, to meet industry skills requirements 

Educational Positioning:

We do this one industry or industry section at a time and we construct the skills requirements at a more granular level than what is typically covered in curriculum accreditation processes. To illustrate the level of outcome we work at, consider this very typical example:

A typical learning outcome for accreditation standards in Logistics: 

"Conduct thorough risk assessments for the transportation and storage of dangerous goods, identifying potential hazards and implementing appropriate risk mitigation strategies."


What logistics employers would typically say is that graduates know and understand this at an academic level, but they are not able to apply this practically, using the contemporary tools of the trade. In our process, we aim to identify the actual tools and technologies that are being used for risk assessments, including industry best practices for risk mitigation. 


The process is facilitated in a non-profit organisation, with industry governance and custodianship of the content. The output is made available as a FREE "open education resource" to any global institution preparing graduates for that industry. 

Workshop Contributors:

For each industry we tackle, we are inviting subject matter experts representing major industry employers, as well as industry acknowledged thought leaders and influencers. Their role would be to help us understand the industry trends and how these impact the current and future skills requirements.

Our Ask From Employers:

If your industry is already mentioned in the upcoming workshops below and you're committed to collaborating, please complete the application form below.


If you feel your industry desperately needs this but don't see it in the list below, please complete the nomination form below.

To those employers collaborating with us, we request the following:

  • For you to nominate 1 or 2 internal subject matter experts to participate in the workshop

  • For you to nominate a representative to serve as "industry content custodian" on the non-profit organisation's governance structure (2 meetings per year)

  • For you to be a sponsor of the not-for-profit workshop (please request sponsorship packages if interested)

  • For us to use your brand credibility to invite other global industry contributors

  • For us to use your brand credibility on the industry certification

Benefits for Employers:

  • Optimise disparate higher education engagement processes (From assisting several education institutions, to contributing once with benefit to all)

  • Scale your subject matter expertise to global impact

  • Increase the quality and employability of graduates in your industry

  • Increase time-to-performance for new hires

  • Be credited as industry contributor on the content and on the certification metadata

  • Build your brand as preferred employer in logistics

  • Media exposure on all industry workshop communications, press briefings, social media etc.

Benefits for Individual Contributors:

  • Build your personal brand as industry thought leader

  • Acknowledgements on social media

  • LinkedIn Badge as Industry Contributor

Upcoming Industry Workshops

Cargo Ship at Port

Logistics Industry

Date: 22-23 October 2024

Place: Dubai, UAE

Venue: DP World Expo Pavillion

AI Robot

Functional Artificial Intelligence

Date: January 2025

Place: London, UK

Venue: tbc

Analyzing the data


Date: March 2025

Place: Vilnius, Lithuania

Venue: SMK University

Workshop in Progress

Industry Workshop Application Form

If you or your organisation would like to contribute to a scheduled industry engagement workshop, please leave your details below and we will be in touch.

Thanks for submitting!


Industry Nomination Form

If you feel your industry desperately needs this but don't see it in the list below, please complete the nomination form below.

Thanks for submitting!

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